Fertility Travel will plan an itinerary to suit your specific requirements which will include your booking with the fertility specialist, accommodation, internal flights, transport, tours and safaris.

Once we have all the completed forms, including your doctor’s referral letter (if applicable) and the Cape Fertility Clinic’s medical questionnaire, we will go ahead and make your first appointment to see the fertility specialist.

In order to speed up the process it is suggested that you supply as much information as possible before your visit. Some of the investigations are done at specific times during the IVF cycle requiring careful planning.

The Cape Fertility Clinic IVF coordinator will be in communication with you in terms of your treatment and any investigations that your fertility specialist will require. Once they have made contact with you, feel free to ask them any questions or alternatively Fertility Travel will be happy to assist you.

The timing of your IVF cycle will be worked out on when you want to travel to South Africa. The IVF medication that you will require to take will be worked back from that date.

About the Cape Fertility Clinic

The Cape Fertility Clinic is the largest and most renowned IVF clinic abroad. The fertility specialists are internationally recognized reproductive endocrinologists who provide the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies in women’s fertility well-being. These doctors are members of American, European, International and South African reproductive societies and are dedicated to the highest standards in fertility care.

This IVF clinic has a modern laboratory allowing all the latest assisted conception techniques to be practiced with great success. Their purpose built IVF procedure room and embryo transfer room are next to the main reception and staff offices.

The Cape Fertility Clinic runs a highly esteemed Egg Donation Program, with a large data base of high quality donors, an excellent legal system and the great advantage of no waiting list.

They have a dedicated team of 5 IVF coordinators who are highly qualified and experienced in IVF and fertility treatment.

As a fully inclusive IVF center, the staff and specialists at the Cape Fertility Clinic do not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, marital status or sexual orientation.


Dr Paul le Roux

Director/Fertility Specialist at the Cape Fertility Clinic