It is absolutely vital to give accurate information to both Fertility Travel and the Fertility Specialist. All information that we receive is treated with the strictest confidence.

  • Enquiry Form 

The first step is to complete the General Enquiry Form. Here we will be able to see what type of Fertility Treatment you require and put you in touch with the Fertility Clinic. This will also enable us to plan your travel, accommodation and holiday arrangements.

  • Quote

Once you have decided that Cape Town/South Africa is the best place to have your Fertility Treatment carried out, Fertility Travel will prepare a quote with a breakdown of costs depending on your needs.

  • Travelling costs – one or more people (these are payable by you directly to relevant service provider)
  • Accommodation before, during and after procedure
  • Local sight-seeing Tours/Safaris/Rail Tours

On acceptance of our quote, sign and email it back to us along with our Booking Agreement (Schedule of Clients Particulars and Terms and Conditions). We will email you further forms that will need to be  completed in order to move forward with your treatment plan.

  • Medical Questionnaire

This is the Fertility Clinic’s form and is vital for them to have this information before your visit to Cape Town.

  • Booking Agreement

The Booking Agreement is a Fertility Travel form requesting your contact details, fertility treatment and travel requirements. Together with the Terms and Conditions Form, this forms your Booking Agreement with us.

  • Release of Medical Information (Consent Form)

The Fertility Specialist in Cape Town may request medical information from your home country doctors. We will therefore need your permission to obtain this on your behalf and will forward you the necessary form to complete to do so.

  • On arrival and during your stay in Cape Town

We will arrange to collect you from the Cape Town International Airport and take you to your designated accommodation. A representative of Fertility Travel will accompany you to your first visit to the Fertility Specialist in Cape Town. We will keep in touch with you on a regular basis and liaise any local day trips/tours/safaris before, during and after your IVF procedure.