The fees are calculated according to your unique treatment plan and differ from clinic to clinic and are therefore a guideline only.

    1. IVF only
      Paid to the Fertility Clinic Approx cost: ZAR 30 000 to ZAR 40 000
    2. IVF with Donor Eggs
      • Paid to the Fertility Clinic Approx cost: ZAR 50 000 to ZAR 75 000
      • Egg Donor Agency Fee ZAR 15 965
      • Donor Compensation ZAR 7 000
    3. Fertility Travel
      Our service fee is dependent on which services you will be requiring from us and is also dependent on the type of establishment you chose to stay in and the type of holiday you prefer to enjoy. Some accommodations you will pay direct. 

      We will provide you with a quote including accommodation, car hire, tours/safaris and our service fee. Any flight bookings that we make on your behalf are for your account.

      NB: Fertility Travel’s service fee is in addition to the cost of your airfare/s, fertility treatment, accommodation, car rental and tours/safaris fees.

      Our services include:

      • Information about the IVF treatment process in Cape Town and connecting you with the Fertility Specialist/IVF Coordinator.
      • Releasing important medical information from your regular doctor (including previous blood tests/scans, etc.) and transferring those to the Cape Town Fertility Specialist/IVF Coordinator.
      • Putting you in contact with the Egg Donor Agency that we are affiliated with who will assist you in finding an egg donor.
      • Reservation/Coordination of return flights from your country to Cape Town and back home. A representative will collect you from the Cape Town International Airport and transfer you to the accommodation of your choice.
      • For your first visit to the Fertility Clinic, we are happy to transport you from where you are staying to relieve any anxieties that you may have. We will also arrange car hire so that you are free to explore Cape Town before, during and after your IVF treatment.
      • Booking your choice of Hotel/Guest house/Self-Catering Apartment on your behalf.
      • Provide you with informative information about what to do in and around Cape Town in terms of restaurants, shopping malls, wine tours, beaches, etc.
      • Reservation/s made for our much acclaimed malaria free game parks before, during or after your IVF stay, as well as for one of our beautiful Rail trips in and beyond our South African borders.

Methods of Payment:

    • Electronic Funds Transfer (South African bank accounts only)
    • Credit Cards (through PayPal)
    • PayPal
    • Cash

Please note that all payments by credit card will incur a flat rate charge of 3.5% in addition to your payment and will be applied automatically to cover associated bank charges. All sums due to Fertility Travel are exclusive of VAT. visa-mastercard-paypal